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This was a fun passion project inspired by the Welsh language and culture. It is a series of 6 Risograph prints.

The series includes the prints named: ‘Nos Da’, ‘Bora Da’, ‘Cariad love spoons’, ‘Welsh Ladies’, ‘Iechyd da’ and ‘Give is a cwtch’

Prints are available here 

Risograph printing was created in the 1980s in Japan but has since been picked up by illustrators and other artists. A Risograph is a digital duplicator or printer duplicator created to produce high volumes of good quality print copies at a lower cost than toner copiers. The limited colour printing system allows for up to 4 colours and unusual ink colours such as neon and metallic. Each colour is printed individually on large rollers with each pass through the machine creating a layered effect.
This printing method uses soy-based non-toxic inks which are kind to the planet. Risograph printing also uses low energy and creates minimal waste making it very environmentally friendly. Due to the risograph print process and how it aligns, no two prints will be exactly the same!

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