The Hazel Nest copy.png
The Hazel Nest 

'The Hazel Nest'  is part of the 'Home' series. I created this series to capture the feeling of comfort and safety you experience when you’re in your home. I imagined the animals experiencing the same feeling when they get back into their dens, warrens or nests.

The two tiny Hazel dormouse are sleeping the winter away. Dormice rarely travel more than 200ft from their nest. The Hazel Dormouse is the only dormouse native to the British Isle.

Original ink painting with pencil crayon, with real dried grasses and leaves. Painted on  Waterford 425gsm rough paper.

There is also a  Limited Edition of 25 prints available, please check my shop or get in touch

Paper size: 26cm(h) x 26cm(w) (approx)

Exhibited as part my exhibition at the NiddArt Trail, Nidderdale.

Please note, the price is for the unframed original artwork, if you would like a price for the piece framed please let me know when you enquire.