Print Process: How I make my prints.

lino prints a rough guide...

First I draw out my design out on paper and make sure I'm happy with it. Then I redraw the image on the lino block. This requires the design to be inverted. Once the outline of the image is back-to-front on the lino I slowly start to cut away the image. You have to keep in mind that the part of the lino you cut away will not press any ink onto the page, and the blank page will be visible on these parts. So, if you want black lines to stand out you have to cut away on either side of the line.


The cutting tools are specific to lino- and wood-cutting; they are like small chisels that cut into the material. When the image is finished you have to 'ink up' the block and do a test print. This shows you if you need to make any changes or cut away any more lino. To ink up the block, you need to put your ink on a glass tile and then use a roller to smooth out the ink. Then you apply it to the block. When the block is inked you must then press the paper onto the block to create the image. This gives you the first layer of your lino print. Once the ink has dried on the paper, you can then add different colour layers to the printed image by cutting away parts of the lino plate and then printing the image using different coloured ink. This process is known as reduction printing. Once you are satisfied with the number of colour layers, your lino print is complete.

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