I truly love designing my illustrations, artworks and prints and I am so grateful when you buy my products. I also think it is important that my designs have as little impact on the planet as possible. Here is a list of things I do to try to reduce my impact on the environment. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

  • All my products are designed and made in the UK, which helps to keep the carbon footprint low. I also use eco-friendly and FSC certified materials where possible.

  • I reuse packaging, where possible. This does mean that your product may not arrive in own-branded boxes or envelope. I do this to reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible.

  • If I can't reuse I will recycle.

  • I am reducing plastic in my packaging as much as possible. This includes no longer providing cello bags from my greeting cards or any other product. If you receive an item wrapped in bubble wrap this will have been reused from packaging that I have received, so it will not have been used only once and we encourage you to keep on using it until the bubbles have burst.                                     


Environmental Policy